Frankly, now that I know about LLS, I will never be done supporting LLS.  There is a story behind that statement.  This morning however, I am up early reflecting on the last 72 hours. 24 hours of it, as you know, I spent running. Covering 110 miles.  Now, my thoughts are focused on one thing as it relates to The Man of The Year Campaign:  WE ARE NOT DONE YET!

As you can imagine, I am tired.  Very tired.  When I finished on Saturday, I thought to myself…I am done! But it didn’t take more than a second for that thought to change.  NO! YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!!!  BE RELENTLESS.  It is the only way WE will WIN. Win the fight for A CURE for these dreadful diseases. 

This has never been about the competition though. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE competition. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to win.  But, as I shared with someone yesterday, this isn’t about winning.  It is about HELPING PEOPLE and SAVING LIVES.  I can’t control the outcome of the Man of the Year campaign, but I can absolutely CONTROL MY EFFORT.  That’s it.  It is that simple.

A lot of people have asked how I’m feeling after my 24 hour run.  Since 10:05 Saturday morning, the moment I crossed the finish line, I have felt so many different emotions.  Right now, as I sit in the quiet of my home, there are no cheering fans, no TV cameras, no reporters, no rush of endorphins. Just me and I AM SORE and TIRED. It would be so easy to coast to the finish of my campaign. But I can’t. BE RELENTLESS and FINISH STRONG FOR OTHERS.

So, let’s gather our competetive spirits and win this campaign! Remember, $1= 1 vote. We need the most votes to win. Kids, moms, dads, brother, sisters and friends with these diseases are the ultimate winners when you vote. So many of you have already cast your vote…A LOT OF VOTES.  For that, I THANK YOU. If you haven’t yet, please VOTE NOW and educate others about how they can vote. Use the phone, Facebook, Twitter, text, email, etc. to spread the word.  Let’s get the vote out with less than a week left.  Send your friends to and ask them to click the donate button. Tell them the guy that they are voting for is RELENTLESSLY CRAZY and just finished a 24 HOUR RUN covering a 110 miles to show his own personal commitment to this amazing cause.

Thank you all for everything you are doing.