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Frankly, now that I know about LLS, I will never be done supporting LLS.  There is a story behind that statement.  This morning however, I am up early reflecting on the last 72 hours. 24 hours of it, as you know, I spent running. Covering 110 miles.  Now, my thoughts are focused on one thing as it relates to The Man of The Year Campaign:  WE ARE NOT DONE YET!

As you can imagine, I am tired.  Very tired.  When I finished on Saturday, I thought to myself…I am done! But it didn’t take more than a second for that thought to change.  NO! YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!!!  BE RELENTLESS.  It is the only way WE will WIN. Win the fight for A CURE for these dreadful diseases. 

This has never been about the competition though. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE competition. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to win.  But, as I shared with someone yesterday, this isn’t about winning.  It is about HELPING PEOPLE and SAVING LIVES.  I can’t control the outcome of the Man of the Year campaign, but I can absolutely CONTROL MY EFFORT.  That’s it.  It is that simple.

A lot of people have asked how I’m feeling after my 24 hour run.  Since 10:05 Saturday morning, the moment I crossed the finish line, I have felt so many different emotions.  Right now, as I sit in the quiet of my home, there are no cheering fans, no TV cameras, no reporters, no rush of endorphins. Just me and I AM SORE and TIRED. It would be so easy to coast to the finish of my campaign. But I can’t. BE RELENTLESS and FINISH STRONG FOR OTHERS.

So, let’s gather our competetive spirits and win this campaign! Remember, $1= 1 vote. We need the most votes to win. Kids, moms, dads, brother, sisters and friends with these diseases are the ultimate winners when you vote. So many of you have already cast your vote…A LOT OF VOTES.  For that, I THANK YOU. If you haven’t yet, please VOTE NOW and educate others about how they can vote. Use the phone, Facebook, Twitter, text, email, etc. to spread the word.  Let’s get the vote out with less than a week left.  Send your friends to and ask them to click the donate button. Tell them the guy that they are voting for is RELENTLESSLY CRAZY and just finished a 24 HOUR RUN covering a 110 miles to show his own personal commitment to this amazing cause.

Thank you all for everything you are doing.


Not sure if I always have been spontaneous, but lately, some of my best decisions have been spontaneous.  Just two months ago, I was on a call with our team for our LLS campaign.  We were brainstorming ideas on how we could raise a huge amount of money for LLS in just 10 weeks.  It was clear that we had a team that was passionate about this great cause and we had some great ideas that we ultimately used successfully in our campaign.  It was in that call that I said, “I would be willing to run for 24 Hours.”  It was dead silent.  Everyone on the call knew I wasn’t joking.  Finally, someone broke the silence and said, “That would be big.” Good, I thought. I want it to be big. The bigger it is, the more people we can help. I smiled and away we went.

As I sit on the eve of this event, I can tell you, IT IS BIG. Donations, calls, emails, tweets, interviews…it is all happening.  I am filled with excitement and I am ready to run.  I am ready to run for 24 hours.

I just finished my pre run “carb load” with my two ultra buddies, Ty Russell and Bill Hambrick, who will be running 50 miles of this in the middle of the night.  It was exactly what I needed.  While most of the world looks at me like I am nuts, these guys give me confidence and assurance that I will do this and HAVE FUN.

Sure there will be high energy times in the next 24 hours, as well as times of challenge and struggle. Running is the perfect metaphor for life. As I have been training for this event, I have often thought about what it will be like at certain times. How much struggle will there be. In the end, I have no idea. I will cover a 100 miles. Maybe a few more. There will be times of struggle without question.

But for me, the struggle won’t last for more than 24 hours. For a child, a spouse, a loved one with Leukemia or Lymphoma, their struggle is so much more than  I can imagine.  I WILL NOT COME CLOSE TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO ENDURE. Running for 24 hours to raise awareness and money is frankly pretty easy by comparison.

I wish you could feel the feeling inside of me right now. I can’t even try to explain it, but it is amazing. I get to run to try to help save lives. It is an honor and a blessing to me. LLS is going to find a cure for these diseases because of the generosity of people like you. Find a way to join me in the next 24 HOURS. The more money we raise, the more lives we save.  It’s that simple.

Thank you all for your support.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly three months since I came up with a crazy idea to run 24 hours to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  And now I’m less than 24 hours away from crossing that starting line.  I invite anyone who would like to come out to support me to meet on the grassy area at Sutter’s Fort at 28th and L St. tomorrow morning around 9:45.

For those of you who aren’t able to make it, I’ll be carrying my iphone with me during my run and you’ll be able to track my whereabouts thanks to Instamapper!  My Financial Pacer Sponsors, good folks who’ve donated to LLS and signed up to run alongside me at certain points during the course, will be collecting donations along the way.  Feel free to track me down, cheer me on, and make a donation!

Click here to track me using your computer, and click here to track me on your phone.   I’d love to see you along my race route!

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