I’ve just finished planning the route for my 24 hour run May 4th and 5th and I wanted to share with you where I’ll be. We’re still working on adding a few details, and the times are just approximates, but I thought sharing this with you now will give you a good idea of where I’ll be. I hope that if I’m in your neighborhood, you’ll come out to cheer me on and show your support for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I also hope you’ll have the chance to stop by one of our celebration points, either at the beginning at the Sutter Cancer Center before the race, the pizza party at Pronto Pizza in Folsom, the halfway point celebration, or the finish line breakfast at Silva’s Sheldon Inn. 

For those of you interested in running alongside me, I’m still taking requests! Just email me at kvogt@cbnorcal.com to let me know where and for how long you’d like to run. I’d love to have you there with me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

9:00am – Starting line kick off – Please join us at the Sutter Cancer Center at 28th & L Street in classrooms 1 and 2
10:00am – Run start at Sutter Cancer Center
10:15am – Run by Coldwell Banker’s Sacramento Metro Office
Though McKinely Park
Right at Elvas
H Street – Left
J Street  – Left ( Foot Bridge or Path)
11:00am – Fair Oaks Blvd. by Lomans Plaza – 5 mile mark!        
11:00am to 11:30am – Run by Coldwell Banker’s Sacramento Sierra Oaks Office
Pass Sierra Oaks then Mills to American River Dr.
Turn left at American River Drive
11:45am – Jacob Lane or Arden Way, turn left and go back to Fair Oaks Blvd. – 9 mile mark!
12:20pm – Stay right on Fair Oaks Blvd. – 12 mile mark!
Left on Sunrise
1:00pm to 2:00pm – Run by Coldwell Banker’s Sacramento Fair Oaks Office
Continue on Sunrise Blvd.
1:35pm – Right on Madison – 17.5 mile mark!
Left on Fair Oaks
Old Auburn Road
Straight into Cirby Way
Champion Oak Drive
Right on McClaren (run around park)
Right on Park Hill
Left on East Roseville
Left on Eureka
3:35pm – Pass Professional Dr.
3:15pm to 4:00pm – Run by Coldwell Banker’s Roseville Office – 26 mile mark!
Douglas Blvd. (Stay straight towards Sierra College Blvd.)
4:30pm – Right on Auburn Folsom Road (or trail) – 30 mile mark!  
Folsom Dam Road
Left on Greenback into Old Folsom
5:30pm – Riley Street – 35 mile mark!
5:35pm – Brief stop at Lembi Park (Aquatic Center) for interviews – 35.5 mile mark!
Right on Blue Ravine
Left on Prairie City
Right Iron Point – 39 mile mark
6:45pm – Folsom Blvd & Iron Point
6:15pm to 7:15pm – Pizza party at Pronto Pizza in Folsom. Kris will stop to eat.
Folsom Lake Auto Mall  & Frontage Road
Left on Sunrise Mercantile Road
7:50pm – Left at Sunrise Blvd. – 45 mile mark!
Right on Douglas
Left on Mather
9:00pm – Turns into Excelsior – 50 Mile Mark!
Celebration stop at Veterans Park 

Half Way Mark

9:50pm – Jackson Cross Over  – 53 mile mark!
Continue on Excelsior
Right on Gerber
Left on Vineyard
10:50pm – Right on Calvine
Left at Elk Grove Florin
11:45pm – Jan Rau Park (Sheldon and Elk Grove Florin) – 63 mile mark!
Continue on Elk Grove Florin past Bond
Elk Grove Florin passed Elk Grove Park
Left East Stockton Blvd

Saturday, May 5, 2012

1:00am – Over pass to Lent Ranch Mall
Down Poppy Ridge
Right on Bruceville
(Follow 25+ mile along the Running of Elk Route) 
6:30am – At Ford Dealership and circle Auto Mall
7:15am – Starbucks at the entrance of Auto Mall
Elk Grove Blvd  right on Laguna Springs Way
8:00am – Run by Coldwell Banker’s Elk Grove Office
Over pass down Bond Road
9:00am – At Pleasant Grove High School (pick up last 5k runners and run through campus)
Left on Bradshaw
Right on Calvin
Right Excelsior
Right on Sheldon, short way left on Mackey
Left on Pleasant Grove School Road
10:00am – Arrive at Silva’s Sheldon Inn to celebrate Kris’ 100+ Mile run!