Time is flying by and we have no time to celebrate.  At least not yet.  We have come a long way in our campaign, but have a long way to go.  For me, two weeks from today, I will embark upon a 24 hour long journey; a run for 24 hours.  No relay.  I WILL RUN FOR 24 HOURS…100 miles more or less. 

WITHOUT MASSIVE SUPPORT, from you and everyone you know however, this effort will just be a “crazy thing to do.” I want to be very clear about something, by the time you finish reading this, two things will have happened.  First, someone will lose someone they love to Leukemia or Lymphoma.  This thought has been engraved in my head every day since the beginning of this campaign because of the personal stories people have shared with me.  We DO NOT have time to wait any longer.  Action, MASSIVE ACTION, is required.

The good news in all of this is that the SECOND THING that will happen by the end of your reading this is that LLS will be closer to curing one more person!!!  Finding a CURE. A CURE for someone’s MOM, DAD, CHILD OR FRIEND. This will be a reality because of ACTION TAKEN BY YOU.

NONE OF THIS happens without MONEY.  There so many people ALIVE TODAY because of money given to LLS to fund research.  WE CAN help save lives.  That is a humbling thought. 

Today I am asking for your support. Actually, BEGGING.  I WANT YOU to be part of my 24 HOUR RUN in some way.  Think of it as an ADULT JOG A THON.  $1 an hour?  $1 a mile?  $5 ?, $10?  To be a FINANCIAL PACER, simply donate $50 or HAVE SOMEONE else donate $50 on your behalf and come run with me. 

Go to www.krivogt.com and click DONATE or CALL ME at 916-801-4002.  Then send me and EMAIL,FACEBOOK, TWEET or CALL ME to let me know that you want to be part of this special day. You can run a block, a mile, 10 miles, or whatever distance you choose, whatever the time of day you choose. THE PACE WILL BE SLOW.

The run will begin at 10:00 am on Friday, May 4th at the Sutter Cancer Research Center and wind through Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove and conclude at Silva’s Sheldon Inn with a Finish Line Breakfast Celebration.  Tickets for the breakfast are $35 and Silva’s is donating nearly $30 of this to LLS on our behalf.  We will also be having a BONE MARROW DRIVE at the finish as well.  What a way to end this amazing 24 HOURS!

Please, please take a few simple steps RIGHT NOW.
1. Go to www.krisvogt.com and click donate.
2. Invite EVERYONE in your database to do the same. 
3. Share this blog

Thanks so much for reading and thank you advance for your support….PEOPLES LIVES ARE DEPENDING ON IT.